Mantra Mondays

Nature Aligns Us…


Good Morning to All! Every Monday morning, I will post a mantra or quote from someone or something that inspires my soul and heart for the week! I have been diving into the wisdom and teachings of Stuart Wilde recently, and let me tell you, it has deeply changed my life and perspective… or should I say, helped me see the Truth of who I am more clearly. I believe we all know at the core of who we are, that there is far more to us than these human bodies we live in.  As Stuart Wilde often says, “We are eternal, immortal, universal, and infinite.” I adore Nature, and feel so grateful to live on a farm in the mountains… it has been my saving grace during times in my life, when everything felt grim… being able to step outside and see trees, birds, deer… to breathe in the fresh mountain air and hear only the buzzing of bees and crickets. To connect and ground into what is real, feel into my heart, and remember, I am always connected to the life force… I am the Life Force. May the Force Be With YOU Today and Always…

So Much Love!! Crystal, aka The Garden Goddess 🙂

I have a playlist created for Stuart Wilde, and I will be adding to it over time… a wonderful collection of audio books, excerpts, and interviews that are so absolutely life enhancing! I am loving YouTube for all the incredible wisdom being shared these days. Check him out if your soul is curious… his voice and words, just soothe my heart. Lots of Love to You! Enjoy!


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