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Never Give Up!!


This rebel Heart has been given her Life back. Never before, have I ever felt so incredibly empowered and encouraged to follow my dreams. Never before, have I ever felt so amazing and healthy. And never before, had I ever realized, that what I would be doing with my life, would not only reward me so greatly, but reward others greatly as well! I have always Loved inspiring and uplifting everyone I know. I love to see the people around me truly happy and enjoying their life.  Experiencing the loss of several people that were close to me all at the same time, really gave me a deep appreciation for what this life is truly all about. I have asked myself several times, “What is the point of life, if we are all just suffering and miserable? What is the point if we are all sick and dying of cancer and disease? What is the point if we live our lives stressed out or unhappy everyday?”


These questions would come to me when I was out spending time in my gardens on my property. Walking around taking in all the beauty of the trees and flowers, birds and bees… the sweet smells of berries and cedar… Nature has taught me incredible, yet very simple wisdom, when it comes to ourselves. I know it may sound strange to some of you, as it took me by surprise when it began to happen to me.

My childhood was spent living in the suburbs of Portland, Or. We lived in a modern ranch style home, had all the modern convienences. My dad loved techy stuff, so we always had the latest gadgets and gizmos. We had cable tv and internet when it first came out. We ate steak and potatoes and my dad took us to McDonalds at least once a week. We drank out of the hose and enjoyed Otter Pops. We listened to rap and pop and ate pop rocks and rode our bikes all over the neighborhood. Life was good actually. No real worries or concerns. My family was healthy, we traveled and went on a lot of fun family adventures. I had the great influences of my mom and grandma. They were both wise women when it came to health and how important it was to put good, real food in our bodies. I remember when I was young, I thought to myself, that they were a bit crazy and worried too much about it. They would cringe when we ate too much candy or drank too much soda, but Im so grateful, they made sure we had a lot of good stuff going in. Everything was made from scratch with real ingredients. Obvisouly, thats why nothing ever compares to your mamas cooking… Because its Real Food! LOL… My grandma was always growing wheat grass and making her own yogurt. She would make her own cleaning products with vinegar and essential oils.. always making bone broth soup and cutting up fruit. My mom was always health conscious, because of an auto immune disorder that she lived with all her life. She wasn’t diagnosed until just a couple of years before she passed at 47, because of a very rare auto immune disorder called, Aplastic Anemia. Our bone marrow is what produces and replenishes our blood with new cells. Her bone marrow was dying, therefore, not producing the blood cells to sustain her. Most of her life, she was very healthy and was able to live the way she wanted to. I believe, because she was so conscious about what she was feeding not just her body, but her mind and spirit as well. Both my grandma and my mom taught me, that in order for our bodies to replenish, we need to feed it the fuel it needs to do it. Both of these women also, loved growing and being surrounded with plants. Something I have inherited! I have always been drawn to plants and so fascinated by the mystery of their magic. After the life altering events of the sudden loss of my close loved ones, I decided to move out to the country, where I could hear my heart and spirit… where the air was clean, the trees surrounded and my girls could play outside, free of cars and city noise. Eventually we had a big garden, chickens and goats. New wonderful friends, and many many life lessons in perseverance, strength, humility and gratitude. As I began to fill my body, mind and spirit with more nourishment, it allowed me to begin healing from the sudden loss in my life. I wanted to share something very simple that has had the Biggest Impact on me. If I could suggest one thing to do, one bit of advise for yourself when you are feeling stuck, when you are feeling sick, when you are feeling depressed, angry, hurt, scared, revengeful, upset… anything other than how you really want to feel… PUT NUTRIENTS IN YOUR BODY ASAP!!!!  This simple, yet powerful thing I have learned from plants… they DIE if they do not have nutrients and water. They can survive on very little, just like us. They can struggle and barely survive, just like us. Or, they can Thrive by simply giving them nutrients , clean water and soil. Love and nurturing and attention gives them even more life. As soon as my plants receive nutrients, they perk up, grow bigger and green up. As we restore the soil back to life on our family farm, by replicating nature, and feeding the soil natural composts, the plants are beginning to thrive on their own. They are feeding off of all the good stuff in the living soil. They are naturally stronger and more immune to disease. They have bigger roots and are able to take in more nutrients…

As soon as I started giving my body minerals and nutrients from plants and the earth, I got my Life Back.  My mind is clear, my body feels amazing, I feel life force running through me again. The biggest gift, is my clarity and emotional stability. I believe humans and plants share a synergy. Our bodies know exactly what to do when we ingest plants… we actually have receptors for receiving plant nutrients and information. I feel like I have complete control over my life again. Im learning to turn my tragedies into triumphs and wisdom, and hopefully inspire others along the way. I want others to feel amazing and feel like they can do whatever they want to do in this life, because I know we all have the potential to do great things. There are so many ways to get nutrients into our bodies in a very easy and fun way, that we actually enjoy doing everyday! You don’t have to commit to eating a ton of veggies and fruits. You can find all sorts of easy and high impact products now. I really like drinking green juice or simple smoothies packed with superfoods.  Taking high impact turmeric and ginger and calcium bentonite clay is an everyday Must for myself and family. These are super foods that give our bodies all of the building blocks and fuel that is required to function properly! And they detox your body as well, of everything that should go. You can think of it like a having an expensive, high performance car. You know in order for it to operate the way it was created to operate, you have to put the high end fuel and oil in it. If you put the cheap, filler stuff in, eventually it will break down. Our bodies are very similar. If we want to feel our best, I realize that we have to give ourselves the best. We have to give ourselves what our bodies were created to receive. I found, that once I gave it a try, once I decided to test for myself and actually feel for myself the difference, its all really is So Clear!! I feel 500% better mind, body and soul when I give my body the nutrients it needs to function. The most impactful benefit I have experienced from clarity of mind, is the ability to see the bigger picture. With my emotions more balanced, I am not easily reacting to things. I also feel more empowered to respond to things from my true self. I just have a silent strength that is more accessible. Feeling healthy and good helps tremendously, as Im not focused at all on pain or discomfort, because its just not there! And then everything else, just begins to flow… And it doesn’t mean you have to give up everything you love. Just starting by simply adding some things everyday, and you will begin to notice the difference. It will go naturally and intuitively from there.

Im sharing this personal story with you as a simple way to empower you and inspire you. I know there is Always a better way. And with the internet and having access to so much wisdom and personal experience, there is no reason anymore, for any of us to suffer or live without hope. I feel like reaching out and sharing is my responsibility to humanity. I have the choice to share my piece of the puzzle and impact the world in a positive way. No matter how big or small. I don’t have all the answers or know why things happen the way they do, but I do know that We are Human Beings! We are Souls! We are intelligent and beyond explanation, in my opinion! And being reminded of that, can’t hurt! Im realizing that the better we feel, the better choices we make that impact ourselves and the world in the most positive way!! It truly All starts within.

If I can be of service in any way or answer any questions about plants, super foods, health, wealth, the universe, aliens, chocolate, you name it, I’ll answer!! And I welcome your comments and feedback.

Im stepping out of my comfort zone this year and getting out of my own way! My Heart is my guide, and it shall lead the way. Follow Your Heart.

Love to you All,

Crystal aka The Garden Goddess

I absolutely Love and Adore my 100% organic and hand cultivated superfoods  from Wakaya Perfection! My family has never felt more loved and supported on so many levels! We are so grateful and honored to have access to these amazing, healing and supportive products that have literally, transformed our lives! They are an amazing compliment to our homegrown farm goodies!  If you are interested in sharing the love with yourself and family, you can find them here:  Vinaka!


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