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A Call from my Heart to Your Heart ❤


Hello to all of you amazing people out there. Thank you for taking a moment to open your heart. My name is Crystal Lynn, and I Know I am here to do Big Things. My heart and soul are very clear and very loud right now, as I know and see that we are all feeling something. Transformation is in the air. My soul has awoken from a deep slumber, allowing me to witness the past as an incredible journey of triumph and lessons learned. I am here to usher in a new way… to help others create a life worthy of living. Tonight, my sisters and I made an agreement to give 1/2 of our commissions to organizations around the globe, that directly save, help, empower, inspire, support Women and Children. Saving women directly from sex trafficking, abuse, poverty, limitations. We will raise $500,000 by April 7, 2017. This can free you financially as well, just ask me. How much are you willing to help with this cause? If you are willing to purchase a paradise pack from me for $500, with over $600 worth of organic, high impact products, that are absolutely life changing, I agree to give 1/2 of my commissions to Saving Women and Babies. I am grateful in advance for those angels that feel called, as my soul is guiding me, I know it’s much bigger than me. Please share this far and wide! Thank you, so much Gratitude and Love to each of you. ❤ Crystal http://www.crystalwakaya.com


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