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Network Marketing is Personal Growth with a Compensation Plan!


I have discovered a unique secret about network marketing, that I was not expecting.

Do you love personal growth? Did you know, that network marketing, is in fact, personal growth with a compensation plan? I am absolutely blown away and have fallen in love with this well kept secret. The key is to find a product and company you love, that aligns with your unique heart and spirit, and then go for it… If you are committed to personal growth on a daily basis, then you will succeed, no doubt about it, 100%. Network marketing will provide every tool you need to be successful. As you grow, so does your income… and as you work on your growth and mindset on a daily basis, with the support of a tribe, or network, Β you begin to truly set yourself free….

At the core of who I am, I know I am a divine soul. I know that I came here to share my unique particle of the whole. You must never, ever allow yourself to stop growing. Because if you do, you will never fully become Human. You will never know your full potential. If you are comfortable, and accept that struggle is okay, then that is all you will experience the rest of your days. We, and I mean every single one of us, has most likely suffered or experienced a traumatic event that hurt deeply. When I think back to my childhood, I recall very little death or sickness. Life was pretty good for everyone. Our parents didn’t really struggle with unemployment, or financial struggle. That element of struggle, just wasn’t very common. My dad has struggled more in his later years, the present, than his whole life. And those in my generation, I’m 38, are experiencing the struggle, only we have young families and high mortgages and cost of living. Things are changing and I have always embraced the flow of life… I have always looked forward to the Magic unfolding in each new day, because you never know what it’s going to look like. I lost that feeling for about 10 years, from event 5 years ago, of back to back tragedies in my life. Events that shattered my heart into zillions of pieces all over… it froze me in my tracks. It robbed me of my spirit. I even experienced my darkest moment of wanting to end my own life. But you know what? It was in that very dark moment, that turned my life around in the right direction again. It was in that moment, that I could see the light and feel my soul. A moment of complete surrender to life… I questioned everything, I questioned god, and I didn’t stop until my questions were answered, and I was satisfied. My perspective shifted from, me looking out at everything as the problem, to seeing myself from the outside looking in. I could see the power I posses to make a positive or negative impact in the world. The choice is always mine and it always has been. We will always face hardships, losses, blocks and fears. But it does not need to stop our growth. Instead, it can be used for our growth. It should be used to ask questions… why are you here? What is the purpose for you, if struggle and hardship are all you experience on a daily basis? Are you okay with that experience? We have to be learning and growing everyday, that is what gives us the tools to heal ourselves.
I feel extremely grateful and blessed to have found network marketing, as crazy as it sounds! Because it truly is the best kept secret I have ever found. If you are an Independent, do it your own way, kinda person… if you don’t like conforming to things that don’t feel right in your spirit, if you know there is a better way, you are not alone. Those of us who choose network marketing are just like you. We make our own way and we go against the flow. We believe in infinite possibilities and trust in our mission here on Earth. We are big thinkers and visionaries, leading by example and sharing it with as many as we can. I think of the tools I am learning in this industry, and how these tools, could have prevented so much suffering in my own life. We all deserve healing and recovery of struggle and of pain. This may not be everyone, but everyone certainly could benefit in some way.
It’s truly all about the people. For the people, by the people.
If you are looking for something, this could be your opportunity, and I would be honored to share what I know, with you! I’m here to empower myself, my family and empower you. And together, we can do anything.
You are the Force. ❀ Crystal

If you’d like to know about my company and our opportunity, please visit my website:



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