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Eggs. What are you eating?


Eggs, I have learned, are one of the healthiest foods we can eat. They are full of essential vitamins and proteins and provide us with many nutritional benefits. But, is there really a difference between farm-fresh eggs and the ones you find in the grocery store? Have you ever asked yourself if what your eating has quality? If you have, then you may resonate with this.


Can you see the difference just in this photo? The yolks are so orange and vibrant! And they taste amazing! So fresh and delicious. These are literally some of the best eggs you can hope to eat! And they come as a gift, an incredible product, gift from our chickens, that we get to receive and enjoy! As a mother, a woman who wants to give the very best I can to those I love, I thank nature everyday for her high quality goods, that only she can deliver. In abundance and so life producing. The chickens get to enjoy their lives in a safe environment, with room to roam and be chickens… to peck and scratch, take dust baths in the sun and roost in their cozy coop at night. They enjoy all of our food leftovers, grass clippings and compost. They eat worms and bugs and enjoy alfalfa… they enjoy us as well and love it when we come hang out! They love the kids and being a part of the group… and we love them. Endless hours of entertainment, ask any chicken person! This creates happy chickens, and as they enjoy being chickens and eating the finest nature has to offer, they are producing the best eggs as well… full of omega 3 fatty acids, beta carotene and tons of Vitamins A, E and D. Pasture raised eggs are actually considered to be one of the best sources of Vitamin D. So if you are deficient, eggs can be very helpful.

From my own experience, I have learned to pay close attention to where my food comes from. I have learned so much from nature, what goes into growing and raising food. I truly believe we, as a society, have complicated everything so much and have become so disconnected from our roots, that we can’t see how truly simple it all really is. If we question where our food comes from, I believe, we can heal and end so many illnesses and cancers.
I believe one of the causes of suffering in the human body and mind, has a lot to do with all of the chemicals and pesticides and toxins we consume on a daily basis. Nature can heal and bring balance and support back to the individual. Their are completely natural and gentle ways to detox and bring Health to yourself. Everything is energy, and it effects you, whether you realize it or not. I look at something as simple as a chicken egg, and can see so clearly, what must be done. This egg, is a symbol, from Mother Nature herself, that life is abundant and always giving… this egg contains more nutrients, more life force, than anything you can buy in a grocery story. The last eggs I bought at the grocery store, I threw out. They may have been okay, but after seeing what I am so lucky to receive, from our chickens, the store bought eggs, made me feel sick to my stomach. Why are we okay with this? Where did that egg come from? Was the hen happy or miserable? Was she eating fresh, organic food or gmo corn and soy? Was she able to walk around and scratch and peck? Breathe fresh air? If not, was she in a cage and never shown love? Are you okay supporting that in the world? And more so, eating it? Doesn’t something in you ask yourself, if we are so intelligent, why do we settle for this? If you could choose between my eggs and store bought, which would you choose? Why do you believe you don’t deserve the best always? Why do we support organizations and governments that give us scraps and then tell us to be grateful? I challenge you to ask yourself these simple questions… and definitely go get yourself the best of the best farm fresh eggs, support your neighbor and enjoy the best life has to offer. That is how it was all designed to be, after all. That is what I truly believe, and know we can achieve for all.
Thank you for sharing a moment with me and my thoughts! I welcome your comments and feedback!
Much Love, Crystal, The Garden Goddess ❤


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