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You are never alone and never will be. Sometimes it is hard to see the Forrest through the trees and to see the path ahead, but have no fear. The path may be scary and treacherous right now, but as always, it will clear, and you will know without a doubt that you never walk alone. You will see the fruition of all of your hard work, all of your goals and dreams will materialize in more magnificent ways than you can comprehend in the present moment. Everything will turn out good for you. Hold steady and DO NOT GIVE UP. This is no easy realm to navigate and that is exactly why you chose to come here. I know that is hard to grasp sometimes, but evolution of the soul is the most grand experience of this universe. You will stand in awe one day as you reflect back on your journey and all of the wisdom you have gained. To truly appreciate love and abundance you must feel what it is like in the absence of it. You chose this. And you have always believed in your ability to overcome and rise up. One step at a time is all you have to do. Keep your heart open to messages, signs and synchronicity that catch your attention. Remind yourself of who you really are beyond this material, physical plane. An eternal Soul. ❤

I wrote this December 13, 2013 in meditation. It was during a point in my life, where I felt struggles and blocks in my financial situation. This ability I have to answer my own questions, comes directly from source. Life. My soul. The universe, whatever name you give it, I have always had the ability to mediate and tune into the true voice within. I came across one of my writings this morning, and something in my spirit, wanted me to share it with you! I believe This is me overcoming a fear, of being judged or teased or rejected in some way. And it feels pretty awsome! I love Feeling In tune with myself, my intuition, the universe, the people, the all. And I truly feel fullfilled in my heart and soul to help and share with others anything I have learned, that could help or benefit in some way. This could apply to any situation and I hope if anything, it gives you strength and encouragement and hope, and shows you, that you too, have all the answers within. That if you believe in yourself, you can achieve anything. All of us. Each and every one! Yes you too!

Look up and research the Alpha State and Meditation. It’s very empowering and everyone already has access to it. In every single moment.
And remember, if it harms no one, do as you will. For each of has a choice, but we are not free of the consequence of our choice.
Love, Abundance, Joy and Freedom to you!
❤ Crystal, The Garden Goddess


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