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The Time is Now, is up to You

the-mastery-of-love-1The Light of You, that pulse, that spark, is always there, ready to make its mark.
Just Inhale, exhale, and breathe it all in. The negative goes out and the positive comes in.
If we are sincere in heart and in mind, our journey here, is outright Divine!
Trust in the universe, and listen to your heart, for when there is no longer doubt, it will always send a friend, a message, a ray of hope, to help you out. And on this you can count.
At times we must walk the path alone, wondering freely, to seek and roam. Looking for our place to truly call home.
Along the journey, the truth is revealed, for far too long, it has been concealed.
Throughout the valleys and mountain peaks, one comes to find, it is always within, which one truly seeks.
Near or far, in or out, up and down, and all about. Round and round this world we go. When it stops, no one knows.
Until then, follow your heart, where the love blows.
Plant your seeds and watch them grow.
The Children of the Sun are here.
We are here, so have no fear.
Wipe away your tears, there are only cheers.
The doorway is open, and ALL shall walk through.
The Time is Now, it’s up to You.
Much Love to You! πŸ’œπŸ’š Crystal, The Garden Goddess


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