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The World is Your Oyster


Hello and Love to you all,

This mornings witching hour gave me quite the poem for our Scorpio Full Moon today! I hope you enjoy it and find upliftment and inspiration wherever you are!

Brand New Beginning.
The Universe is in me, it’s setting me free, where I want to be.


Today, today, today….
And all the days from here on out…
Don’t worry sweetheart,
no more crying your eyes out.
The world is your oyster. And it is time that you knew,
The Pearl you seek, that Pearl, is You.
What you seek is yourself,
And yourself you shall find,
For the Truth has been written already, by the Divine.
Already set forth, already laid ahead, all you need to do is tread,
One step at a time and stay out of your head.
Go into your Heart.
Go back into time.
Go back to the start, the source of the Divine.
Feel your soul, your source, your power.
Pure love, pure truth, all right there, now is the hour.
Take a deep breathe in….. and exhale out. Let go of all worries, stresses, demons and doubts. Today’s a new day. A Scorpio Full Moon they say. (Come out and play!)
What will you do? How will you feel?
Make a choice today. A choice to Renew and Heal.
Expose all the darkness.
Expose all the lies.
The Time has come to say your goodbyes.
Love is the answer.
Love is the way.
There is no one to save us – WE are here today.
Today is our day. There are no others, and here in this land, we can truly be sisters and brothers.
In love theres no time.
Because love is divine.
Time is all in your mind.
Divine is a word, a feeling, a thought, that causes a lot of suffering and misery, when we have it not.
Something you feel, for what is real can always be felt. Can always be healed.
That is the power of Divine.
It protects the treasures of your Heart. The pearl within.
It’s been that way since the very start.
It never dies. It may get covered up and blocked out, it may be silenced and bound, but it can never die, this I have found.
So surrender, let it in, and you are whole.
Speak your truth. Speak your mind. Don’t be afraid to listen to the Divine.
The Divine is YOU. You are It.
There is no difference, please make the most of it.
Find you Truth.
Find your Light.
Go out into the dark, with all your might!
You have courage, you have strength. Stand up, dust off, and re contemplate…
Why are you here? What are you doing? Where are you going, if no one is looking?
Look in the mirror, stare into your eyes, the windows to the soul.
Listen to what you hear,
And it may become very clear.
Do you hear the things you want to hear? Do you see the things you want to see?
Who stops you from this? Who could it be?
Who do you give your power to, day after day? What can you honestly say?
Take one moment, one moment that’s true, to have a moment to be honest with you.
Life is a journey near or far.
No matter what you do, that’s where you are.
So accept where you are. Sit back and smile, because this is your Life, it goes on a short while.
Enjoy and celebrate all that you create, all that you give, all that you share and all that you Live.
And know that with each new day…
all that you think,and all that you feel, and all that you speak, comes true in a blink.
Connected we are, one to the other, the choice is our Power.
Now is the hour.
Stand up for yourself and what you believe,
The Divine has your back, tell the darkness to leave.
Happy Full Scorpio Moon. Speak your truth, not a moment too soon!
Take heed, take warning, but have no fear, everything is so very clear! The Truth, The Truth…
The Truth is Here!

Sending you immense amounts of Love today and always. Be true to yourself. Aho! Crystal! πŸ’š



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