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Reel That Fish In!


He sits upon a rock so grand, a smile, and a prized fishing pole in hand.
The water runs so fresh and clear, and the fish swim upward with not one single fear.
Not knowing the future, or where to steer clear. Just pushing and swimming through all the resistance. Attuned to the call, with Natures assistance.
And in this moment he hears… something beyond the veil, where his thoughts are all clear. Where time stands still, and souls only feel, that which they are, that which is Real.
“It is a journey beyond comprehension and time. Don’t try to figure it out, all at one time. Move slowly, move fast, as you go about, and like your fishing pole, you cast… reel in, and wait, till that fish comes about.
You feel the ebb and the flow, and in split second you know,
you feel it sink in, and it’s time to Go!
PULL up on that hook, and Reel that Fish IN!
For This, Is truly where the Journey Begins. ”

I dedicate this poem to the Love of my Life, Terry. ❀🎣
An incredible fisherman, the best I’ve ever seen. I am so proud of him and his openness to growing and learning everyday. He has faced so many challenges, and yet, never gives up. An amazing friend, father, partner and inspiration to so many, I thank my lucky stars everyday, to share my love and life with him.

Thank you for sharing a moment in my thoughts! My hope is to inspire and uplift and I am so grateful to share in this way! Fish On my friends! πŸ’šπŸ¦‹ Crystal, The Garden Goddess


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