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Ignite Your Spark

f828627df25d8710a50b8142c6ab8e43Good Morning… The birds are chirping their sweet songs… the fog is misty in the hills, and trees peek through to see the frills.
Sunday morning, 5:47am… still dark, right before the dawn… Waking up to a new day, creating life my own way.
It’s interesting the things we learn, from one day to the next. And how we yearn for the dreams we dream, once they come true, there’s another dream there, just waiting for you.
Day after day, Dream after dream, night after night, it’s crazier than it all seems. One step closer, then we fall behind… it’s like we take a few steps back into space…. into time. And forward we go, a little farther still, finally we make it, we climb that big hill! We get on over, we get up on Top, we raise up our fists!! And we scream how we conquered the mountain top! I did it!! I am here!! I made it, it’s All so clear!! There’s no going back now… there is no fear.
Look out in the night for the deceivers who try to steal your Light. To drink from your soul, with easy delight.
Don’t let the fright of their darkness fool you, the absence of Love… is what’s here to school you.
Wise are the ones you pay attention and listen, to the lesson of life, and inherent the wisdom.
The Magic of our history, runs deep within our veins, and can set us free from all the misery.
The ways of old have return from time, to reignite the spark of man… divine.
Beyond the veil now, magic stirs. It’s coming now, expressing through our words.
And soon to follow, actions you see, it’s time to awaken to life you want to be. The masses of people will come to see, that the Magic, the Magic, it’s in you and me. We hold the power. We hold the key.
We are the Force. We’ve just forgotten, that life is indeed, a big obstacle course.
But here we are, and here we will stay. The race that we run, begins everyday. It’s time to get ready, and set your mark…. the guns about to go off, will YOU Ignite your Spark?


Sending you all so much Love, Strength and Courage to face and overcome any challenge or obstacle you may be going through today. You are powerful and deserve to live your life anyway that brings you true happiness and peace of mind. Have faith and never give up!
πŸ’šπŸ¦‹ Crystal, The Garden Goddess


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