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Morning Love Song

IMG_3988Morning Love Song

Truth is the way. Truth will save the day. Truth, love, integrity, faith, hope. Life.
Energy in motion, like the waves of the ocean, ebb and flow, and tomorrow they will go, to the distant shores, to the sandy beaches, to the depths of the middle where no one reaches.
Love is my guide… my witness, my teacher. Love is my Ultimate Leader.
I am fearless. I am free. It’s the way I was born to be… and no one, I said, no one can take that from me.
I will stand tall in my dignity.
That morherf***** isn’t going to take me down! Cuz love you see, is stronger than all the evils of destiny.
Love will save the Day.
Love will save the Day.
And everything we make and create, is going to go our way, because love is on our side today…
the Universe declared it that way.
If you don’t want to jump on board, then jump off now, swim back to shore.
This ship is leaving, its set it’s course. Your either in or your divorced.
Marry your life, and live it in Love. Have some fun, and give some hugs.
Don’t be afraid to be so strong, your born for this, so don’t your run. I love you so, so please don’t go. There’s much to do and I’m here for you. Whatever you need, just let me know. I’m here for you, and my love only grows.
So walk with your held high my dear. Open your eyes and face the Day and have no fear. Because Love is here to guide your soul.
The waters clear… no more push and pull… just let go…. Let GO… surrender to Love and all you know.
The roses will bloom and the flowers will grow, and all that you seed now, you will sow. The harvest you planted, its beautifully grown. The fruits of your labor, are vibrant and fresh… and all that you desire, is here, in the flesh.
I love you. I love you world. Listen to your heart and soul. It holds all the answers you’ll ever want to know.
Love is behind it all.

πŸ’šπŸ¦‹ Crystal

This comes straight from my morning soul poetry ramblings… I hope it brings some light and inspiration to your world!

Thank you for sharing a moment with me! Happy Sunday! πŸ’šπŸ¦‹


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