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It All Begins in Your Heart ❤

Trust in the Mystery…
Let go I say…
History is ours for the making,
We create it each and every new day.
Emotions are fluid,
they come and they go…
but you are so much more,
Much more!…
didn’t you know?…
Above the horizon,
as far as the stars…
the oceans reflect the depths of our scars.
The waters are churning,
and thrashing about…
and as time always passes,
the waters… level out.
So, let go of the happy…
let go of the sad… let go! Let go!
Before we all go Mad!
Life is a journey, with bends and twists…
valleys and caverns, clear skies and mists….
A dreamy and complex, spiral mix, far too much, for me to list…
but you get the jist!
Really, it’s all, so simple you see….
it’s all in your head, this world…
you, and me.
It begins in our Hearts,
which leads to our Heads…. which turn into thoughts, and create the path ahead.
If we leave out the Heart,
right from the start…
we are lost in the dark,
with nowhere to chart.
Along the path, you’ll come to discover and know,
you are never alone…
No matter where you go.
Always near,
and whispering in your ear,
Are your angels and guides,
To remind You…
You can do this, We are Here!
Your Heart is the Key.
The answer, the way.
Your Heart is the Power,
to Show You the New Day!
It will lead you to wealth, beyond riches sublime….
Beyond boundaries, and limits… beyond space and time.
Trust in your Heart,
it’s there for a reason.
It’s waiting for you…
because Truth…
is always in Season.
Say Yes to your Heart!
So Today, you can start…
Begin to watch your fears, as they all fall apart…
and just like that!
You will Know…
Just where your meant, exactly to Go.
It All Begins in Your Heart. ❤

I dedicate this poem to my Beautiful children, Hailey, Addison, and Hans. May your heart always guide you, wherever the path may lead. You have everything you need to succeed. Always. ❤

Thank you for sharing a moment with me. My wish is to inspire and empower all I meet. And to share anything I can, that improves our lives. I love your comments and feedback! Please share with anyone this may uplift, especially our younger generation!

Lots of love to All of you! Follow your Hearts! That’s a direct order from the Divine! I’m just the messenger. 😇 💚🦋 Crystal, aka The Garden Goddess 🌱🌹


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