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My Angels of Courage

A Poem to my Beautiful, Courageous Daughters….

Dearest Hailey and Addison,

There never were, two angels, more beautiful in heart and spirit, as you.
The universe knew what it was doing,
when it created the two of you!
Bright and Light, caring and kind, You shone so Bright, like fresh, morning Delight!
And shining Brightly, you will be,
for all of time and eternity.
Perfect in beauty, perfect in form,
You are everything more than the everyday norm!
Your laughs and your cries,
hello’s and good byes…
big giggly hugs and twinkles in your eyes!
The Light that you shine,
that never can leave you,
will guide you and protect you from everything evil.
It Warms the darkest of hearts, the deepest black of night,
but always remember,
your Power only serves you when you serve the Light.
Remember to shine, on the darkest of days,
for the Light in your Heart,
melts are the scares away.
And when you look back,
with clear eyes you will see,
Love guides you always, right where your meant to be.
❤ Mom


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