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Wisdom from Ancient Gardeners


Many of our ancient ancestors passed on and shared simple and intuitive knowledge, wisdom, and guidance, about nature. How to grow and alchemize with the natural world around us. How to heal, support and enhance our life experience. An example would be planting by the cycle of the moon or brewing up a tea or tonic for wellbeing and healing. Some refer to this knowledge, of ancient gardeners as “moontime.” These “moontime” gardeners were co-creators of nature and magic.

Here are a few nuggets of wisdom, that will bring more beauty, Fun and enjoyment to your gardening experience, taken from a wonderful book every “moontime” gardener must have, Mother Nature’s Herbal, A Complete Guide for Experiencing the Beauty, Knowledge & Synergy of Everything that Grows.

“It is ageless and timeless, part of a deeper knowledge we inherited. Our true nature is rooted in the soil, making something from nothing and bringing it into full bloom” – Judith Griffin, PH.D.


“Step into moontime and take a walk into a garden of transformed beauty. Ancient gardeners were guided by instinct and imagination. They lived in a world of wonder, populated by fairies, nymphs, elves, trees that talked, and flowers who became guardian spirits. Their world was one of good and evil, with only plants to protect them on the earth level. They planted by the waxing of the moon. The soil was prepared and tested for warmth before sowing by resting one’s elbow on the earth. Seeds were germinated overnight in manure tea. Manure was steeped in an equal amount of water twenty-four hours, strained and diluted again until a clear amber color appeared. Hard-coated seeds were exposed to frost or buried in the cold to enhance germination. Fine seed was mixed with sand and sprinkled to evenly coat the soil. After sowing, the ground was immediately firmed by walking over it. Another covering of loose soil was applied and the ground firmed again. Seeds were then watered with warm water.
Gardeners followed special traditions for planting food crops and flowers. Beans were sown next to sunflowers in soil laden with hair. Unscented flower seeds were soaked overnight in floral water to produce a perfumed scent. Leeks were planted in open air to protect houses from fire and electrical storms.
Like people, plants had friends. They were planted synergistically to complement each other. Lavender planted near crocus kept the birds away. Black currants planted in a bed of nettles would produce exceptionally fine fruit. Strawberries were mulched with pine needles to produce the juiciest flavor. Garlic cloves were bruised before planting to produce a hardy crop. Roses dressed with tea leaves and banana skins dug into the soil produced the best aromas. Seeds and sprouts were always planted before sunset to assure a good night’s rest before sprouting the next day.
Gardeners from the past worked diligently to outsmart pests. They accepted bugs as part of Nature and worked to create a balance in their favor. The best deterrents were aromatic herbs, which snails and slugs particularly dislike. In the events of infestation, damaged leaves were removed and tobacco was dusted on the plants. An observant gardener would watch for snails climbing the blades of grass, for wet weather was soon to follow. If birds became a nuisance in newly sown beds, they were deterred by placing potatoes with feathers stuck into them on sticks. Gardeners knew the birds would later be allies, eating unwanted insects and cutworms. ”


Nature is intuitive. She is a master teacher. I have learned and gained more wisdom and knowledge about life and myself from working with nature, than any other thing out there. We are nature. Life is nature. By truly being open to learn the wisdom and teachings of nature, we open to learning about who we are and what it means to become fully Human.
I am very excited to experiment with these ingenious ideas, out in the garden myself! And will share everything with you!
May you continue to Love and Enjoy life and all that you do!
Plant and nurture your dream seeds everyday, and never stop!
Much Love,
Crystal, aka The Garden Goddess



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