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Your HeartStream is Your DreamStream

IMG_4981Love is the answer to all of our woes. And you can’t get wet, just by dipping your toes.
You must dive in, and follow your Soul. That voice within thats longing and ready to go. There’s no stopping now – your ready to roll. Love is the Answer. Love is the key. It’s time to unlock that darn door and live your life free!
There’s no more tomorrow… Your life, it’s not waiting, its here today.
Your Heart is the reason you dream while you sleep, for so long it was hurt, nowhere it could keep. The thoughts in your mind, were lulled by the fear, the seeds that were planted of yesteryear. But that time, it is over, and as the Good Witch Glenda would say, “It’s alright now dear, you can come out, everything’s okay!” It’s time to awaken, to dream a new dream, and the journey to that life, flows down a new stream. A stream that is pure, of the Heart, teeming with life. With color and magic, not one drop of strife. New dreams and new visions and adventures in store, Love helps us remember, that there’s so much more!! We’re more than these bodies, were more than a mold, our worth cannot be measured in gems or in gold.
Our gifts and our talents, our hearts and our souls, are beyond priceless treasures to honor and behold. You could never put a price on the worth of your Soul.
New dreams of the heart, are seeded within, it’s time to release them, to blow in the wind… and they come from all over, from you and from me, from the stars in the sky to the depths of the sea. To open us up to the joy all around, for the joy thats been held, has now become unbound! We must nurture these seeds, if we want them to grow, and practicing Love is all you must know. Just follow your Bliss, that’s where you must start. For You hold ALL the answers – just follow Heart. ❀

I send you so much Love. May you always have the courage to follow the song of your heart. And so. It loudly and proudly for all to hear. I will be singing with you. Welcome to your Heart.

πŸ’šCrystal, aka The Garden Goddess

I share this message with you from my heart, knowing it comes from the infinite Heart of us All. It is my honor to share with you and I thank you for love and support and appreciate all of your comments and feedback! Thank you!


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