img_0128Personal Blog of Crystal Lynn, aka The Garden Goddess. Plant Alchemist and Herbal Lover, Photographer of all things Beautiful, Lover of Rebel Hearts and Free Spirits, Farmer and Homesteader with a modern twist, Mama to 3 amazing beings, Wife to 1 Amazing Man, organic and natural health and wellness advocate, Creator of my own Magical Reality. This blog will feature original and inspired mixings of all things I love, value and want to share with the world. Plant and herbal recipes for home and beauty, alchemy, gardening, recipes, tips, product reviews, my photography, my family and how we live and learn and connect on our family farm, inspiring reminders, and my everyday life as a soul, traveling through this crazy life in my human body. Thank you so very much for your support and for following along! I have so much love, gratitude and appreciation my tribe, because we all deserve to be Celebrated! Much love to you always, Crystal