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Your HeartStream is Your DreamStream

Love is the answer to all of our woes. And you can’t get wet, just by dipping your toes. No, You must dive in, and follow your Soul. That voice within thats longing and ready to go. There’s no stopping now – your ready to roll. Love is the Answer. Love is the key. It’s…… Continue reading Your HeartStream is Your DreamStream

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Wisdom from Ancient Gardeners

Many of our ancient ancestors passed on and shared simple and intuitive knowledge, wisdom, and guidance, about nature. How to grow and alchemize with the natural world around us. How to heal, support and enhance our life experience. An example would be planting by the cycle of the moon or brewing up a tea or…… Continue reading Wisdom from Ancient Gardeners

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This will Be a Space of Love… ❤

Dear Hailey, Addison and Hans, (and Children of the Heart everywhere), I am so excited to be creating and transforming this blog, this Space of Love, for you and children of the Heart everywhere. It is my intention to share my wisdom, knowledge, truth and heart, as I learn and grow, to pass on what…… Continue reading This will Be a Space of Love… ❤

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My Angels of Courage

A Poem to my Beautiful, Courageous Daughters…. Dearest Hailey and Addison, There never were, two angels, more beautiful in heart and spirit, as you. The universe knew what it was doing, when it created the two of you! Bright and Light, caring and kind, You shone so Bright, like fresh, morning Delight! And shining Brightly,…… Continue reading My Angels of Courage

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It All Begins in Your Heart ❤

Trust in the Mystery… Let go I say… History is ours for the making, We create it each and every new day. Emotions are fluid, they come and they go… but you are so much more, Much more!… didn’t you know?… Above the horizon, as far as the stars… the oceans reflect the depths of…… Continue reading It All Begins in Your Heart ❤