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The World is Your Mirror

Everything you perceive, is a reflection of your thoughts… are your thoughts your own? Are we perceiving life through our own, authentic self? Or through the lens of what others perceive to be correct? Does this feel good or true for you? I have learned to listen and tune in to my own inner voice above all others… the voice of my soul that is connected to the All. To nature, to life. The natural laws. This connection to ourselves and life is something no one or no situation can ever sever. This connection is with you 100% of your life, from beginning to end. And this connection can be tuned into at any moment, like a radio station. But you have to turn the dial, and actually listen. This is where your strength and true power lie. This is your courage, your integrity, your heart, your wisdom, your truth. This is your true self, when suffering and struggle are non existent. And this signal will never stop speaking to you. Listening to it, feeling it, allowing it to guide you, is Freedom. Ignoring it, downplaying it and refusing to listen, will eventually, lead to pain. To suffering and feeling lost. Because we are not meant to be disconnected from our soul. The pain is an absence of our connection to our true selves. Our Life force. I trust Life. I trust myself. I trust you. I believe in us all. That is the choice I make everyday. I encourage you to make the choice to tune into your heart and soul, and listen… and trust where it guides you. It truly knows your hearts desires and knows exactly how to lead you there. All while serving the highest good of all. For me, when I envision the future, what I truly hope for, is Love… and love is not perfect. Embracing our differences and honoring each other… I don’t see a world where everyone agrees, sitting around singing Koombaya… but I like to envision cooperation and compromise. Creative resolution, live and let live, do no harm. Nurturing life and sharing information and wisdom with our children. The real legacy we leave our children lies in our hands. Are we leaving them a world nurtured by Love? Or Fear? What are you feeding everyday? What are you planting? We reap what we sow. That is the Natural Law. You have the power in every moment to choose. I believe in You. ❤ Crystal


To my three beautiful and wise children, Hailey, Addison and Hans… may your Heart and Spirit forever guide you and illuminate your path. Your true power is always within you.


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